Selecting a Wedding Veil

There are many aspects to choosing the right wedding veil that suits you; Colour, Length, Style, Fullness, Edges and Embelishments. See below for all of your options.

1. Colour

Veil colour availability are endless. Our standard colours are WHITE, IVORY and SILK WHITE (off White).

If you require a special colour, or would like a free color swatch please contact us



2. Length

Below are our standard lengths, all floor and Cathedral Lengths are detachable.

Shoulder: 30 inches long.
Also called a blusher.

Elbow: 33 inches long.

Fingertip: 45 inches long.

Waltz: 58 inches long.

Floor: 80 inches long.

Cathedral: comes in 4 lengths
98", 108", 120" & 132".


3. Style - Available in Tiered, Circular and Square.

Tiered styles are available in 1, 2 or 3 tiers, although 2 & 3 tiers are most popular. The top tier can be worn over the face unless stated otherwise.

1 Tier:

**See the LENGTH Section above for additional photo's, the images shown are all 1 Tier veils

2 Tier:

2 Tier:

2 Tier:

2 Tier:

2 Tier:

2 Tier:

2 Tier:

3 Tier:

3 Tier:

3 Tier:

3 Tier:
Elbow/Fingertip/ Cathedral

Circular veils are one piece and can be worn to give the look of 2 tiers, the upper tier can be worn over the face unless stated otherwise.





Square veils are similar to a circular veil only cut square.



4. Fullness - There are 3 different fullnesses.

No Gathers: Available with circular or square styles

Normal Gathers: Available in tiered, circular and square, top tier can be worn over the face.

Full Gathers: Available in tiered, circular and square, top tier can be worn over face. All combs are reversed in full gather veils this gives extra height to veils.



5. Edges - There are 8 different types of edging on our traditional veils.

Ribbon (Plain): 1/8th"(3mm) satin

Ribbon (Silver): 1/8th"(3mm) satin with silver

Ribbon (Gold): 1/8th"(3mm) satin with gold

Piping (Plain): Also known as ratstail. Satin covered cord

Russia Braid: Satin cord with center dip.

Raw: No edging at all

Pencil Edge: Fine satin thread. Plain, Crystal or Coloured

Rolled Edge: Fine matte thread.



6. Embellishments - Add that extra something to make your veil really special. Drops, Bicone, Daisies, & Rhinestones are all Swarovski Crystals.

Note: AB translates to Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) because of the colours this crystal has

Rhinestones: Available in Crystal or AB Crystal.

Pearls: Faux Pearls matched to veil colour.

Bicone: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm (AB only).

Bugle Beads:

Seed Beads: Also known as ratstail. Satin covered cord

Daisies: (AB only).

Crystal Drops: AB only.
11mm       18mm